Carrot and ginger loaf

This is the latest in my experiments with carroty cakes. It is adapted from a recipe for Double-ginger cake from Ysanne Spevack's Organic Cookbook. I started off aiming for more ways of getting ginger into my son and then when I found the recipe called for zucchini, I knew there was no way I was buying zucchinis at this time of year, so more carrots...

Cream 225g sugar with 250g butter. Beat in three eggs. Mix in vanilla essence. Then add (I never bother to sift anything but apparently I should) 240g finely shredded carrots, an inch long piece of root ginger finely grated, 3 C flour, 1 t baking powder, 1 t cinnamon (or more, I tip it straight from the packet), 1 t ground ginger.

Tip it into a large greased loaf tin and cook for 55 minutes. Leave in tin for 20 minutes and then tip onto cake rack to cool fully.

Fionn came home from school and asked what the cake was in his lunch box and could he have some more as it was yummy. So really who cares whether Gordon Ramsay or the Queen of Sheba would fancy it, wanted for the school lunchbox means I have hit the jackpot! I took some with me to a friend's this afternoon and that went down well also. I served it sliced and spread with butter.

At least one of our new chooks has started laying. I took the torch out tonight just to look at them...

Next amongst my cooking projects is some more recipes with turmeric in them and also some black strap molasses recipes. I have made baked beans from scratch with molasses and I think they all liked that. I am torn at the moment between wanting to get out into the garden and fearing the consequences of Brighid's 'assistance'.


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