Some of the things I noticed or achieved today...

The seeds of romanesco fennel which I sowed last month have germinated. Much better prospects so far than last year's attempt.

I have yellow freesias out.

The Dublin Bay rose has buds, as does my clematis.

The blackbirds are swooping, diving, digging and feasting on my tiny seedlings in the punga raised bed. Tomorrow I will have the car and can buy some bird netting and assemble it. Should help keep the food for my family.

I shifted more mushroon compost and sowed coriander, sorrel, pak choi and radishes.

I sowed tomato and chilli seeds and have them in punnets on the kitchen window sill.

I transplanted a strawberry, a borage plant and the leeks I bought in the weekend.

I harvested more kale and began digging up one end of the old chook run in readiness for planting out my Maori potatoes.

I gave some of the kale to my lovely neighbour Brenda who really liked the taste when I gave her some last week. Brenda and her husband have a glasshouse and not long ago Barry told me he didn't expect he would use it this year. Last night I asked Brenda if I could cultivate the glasshouse and share the produce with them.

... and she said yes!! Hurray hurray hurray!. A glasshouse opportunity. Our plans for our own glasshouse are still at the plans stage so this is wonderful news for this summer. I will get it ready for summer tomatoes, basil, chillies and maybe try a capsicum as well. Then in winter we can get lots of greens going the whole way through.

Three jerusalem artichokes are through the ground and looking happy. My globe artichokes seem to be recovering, albeit slowly, from the trauma of my recent dividing tactics.

I have miners lettuce popping up and looking cheerful. I still don't have enough salad leaves to make a big bowl of raw greens just yet.

The chooks are happy. I found a double yolker this morning. I made a rice and vegetable bake all bound together with five eggs (and plenty of home grown herbs) for dinner. Tomorrow I will have plenty of eggs for the food bank, my first egg delivery to them.

In the weekend my aunt gave me lots of frozen raw milk from her farm (she freezes for winter but calving started early this year, before she had run out) and so I thawed the first packet out today and am feeding it to my kefir.


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