Early September garden

Celery still going strong. I've been picking it stalk at a time for stews and stocks throughout winter. Behind it is kale gone to seed. In the weekend we had different insects (mostly hoverflies I think but am not sure) feasting on the kale flowers. This has reminded me that a 'tidy' garden with no gone to seed slightly straggly plants works against rather than with biodiversity. I'm planning on having some plants seeding more often now.
Thyme and oregano. This is doing very well ever since I moved it from the area which kept getting flooded.

The dark stuff is mushroom compost. I've day dreamed about buying a big lot of compost and raising this bed substantially for years and now we have finally made it happen. The yellow path is from wood shavings collected from the local high school. There is a rhubarb plant at one end of the path. The funny hooped garden is going to be Fionn's. Slowly we or the chooks will eat the rest of the silverbeet and kale in that plot and then pile it up with mushroom compost and begin Fionn's flower and food scheme.

Here is a pea growing under the protection of an apple juice container. We've not had much success with peas before and I've got my fingers crossed for a breakthrough this year.


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