Recent planting/sowing

This is our lemon tree, planted above our buried chooks, raised up by some gifted recycled wood and some logs from the beach. I've got rosemary and thyme growing in a hole in the closest log.
Fast growing rocket amongst my garlic. This spot is against the (brick) house so quite warm even in late winter.

My first rose cutting experiment is growing vigorously. It did help that I chose one which is almost a weed around our countryside.

This is a plant from the first bunch of cuttings I made from our neighbour's lovely rose collection a few months later.

A cabbage tree which I planted in our bog patch last week. An old log is rotting behind it and mint and nasturtiums are clambering up and over it. These are welcome weeds but I am less excited about the tradescantia which also lives here. At least the chooks like it.


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