soak and cook

I started and soaked things all over the place last night. The biggest risk with soaking beans and refreshing sourdough (and in the case of last night, also soaking flour in kefir) is that the next day I will not even slightly feel like looking at the kitchen.

Today I was quite well behaved. I turned the soaked beans into home made baked beans. I used Sally Fallon's recipe. We had them for dinner and the rest of the beans are now cooling before I freeze them. The recipes in Nourishing Traditions are generally designed for about 8 people. I made gingerbread out of the soaked flour and kefir/yoghurt. It turned out quite nice, not as sweet as standard issue gingerbread but with a lovely depth of flavour. I can't recommend her recipes for measurements though. How useless is the measure 3/4 cup of butter? Once I have made the gingerbread recipe often enough to convert it to sensible measures, then I will post it here. Most of today's gingerbread is now in the freezer.

Then we had visitors and played in the sunshine and I mended the chook run after one chook escaped (hmm in precisely the place Favourite Handyman had said the wire needed replacing) and we collected three eggs today so all is looking good on the weekend eggs for breakfasts front and then it was time for the Friday swimming lesson and it was too late for bread. So I googled no knead sourdough bread 20 minutes ago and have added flour and yeast and water and salt to my starter and left it in the hot water cupboard for the night. Sometime tomorrow we should be eating fresh bread.

And tonight, after about four months without a camera, Fionn found our camera. Sitting quietly in the side pocket of the nappy bag. So given that now I have my own memory stick and FH has agreed to show me how to down/upload photos myself, I might even have photos to go on my blog later this weekend.


Heather said…
Is it an American book? They're big on the 'stick' and 'cup' of butter. 1 stick = half cup = 112.5g (it's a sensible number in ounces), so 3/4 cup is 170g.
Thank you Heather. That is very helpful information. Yes it is an American book.
Looking forward to the photos. With regards to measurements, 1 cup = 8oz. 1 stick = 4oz.

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