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My sister, who is going to be a roller derby star this weekend (or roller derby bruised at the very least), has just told me she that my blog won't let her comment. Is there something weird about my blog settings? Well I had a look insofar as I know how and there is no obvious explanation for why even when I comment on this blog, it initially tells me that it cannot be done, but if I press publish again, then it does work. So there you go. I stopped anonymous comments ages ago because I never talk to people in real life who refuse to give me their name, so why participate in such dishonesty online? I know some people just don't have a blogger or google account or whatever other accounts work for commenting purposes but also lots of people just hide behind anonymity to say unhelpful things.

When we were little, I was bossy and my sister was a danger to chemist shelves. She pulled them over. In my care. Chemist shelves have a lot of small things on them and it is hard to pick everything up when the little person is intent on pulling more stuff over.

But now she is playing roller derby which looks like some seriously gutsy feminist sport with dressups to boot while I sit on my fat bottom considering whether I will start some new knitting tonight. We have a brother as well. He is visiting us all next month. Big excitement over this.


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