More garden photos

The shelter fence Favourie Handyman made for our lemon tree. We may yet extend it but it is a helpful start. We are pondering putting a lot more shelter fences up (and perhaps underplanting with shelter trees/shrubs) and bnuilding paths to make a series of gardens plus a more interesting effect for the children to ride their bikes/trikes through. That won't be tomorrow though.
A strip I cleared along one edge of the compost corner. It is currently nurturing some jerusalem artichokes (thank you Corrine).
Our new chooks. The light is odd and the green sheen from the run shade doesn't quite do justice to my lovely healthy birds.

Daffodil Polyanthus Sandra. Just out today. Saw it at the Warehouse in Autumn and thought I had to give it a whirl.


nova_j said…
love the garden photos!! you'll be proud to know that i'm planning to rip up a few patches of our tiny front lawn so i have proper space for pumpkins this year! ;)
Christy said…
great photos sandra - i'm impressed! tried to post a comment a while ago but don't know if you got it - just wanted to say that i am really enjoying your blog, and it's really inspiring me, paticularly with cooking. so thanks!

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