Coffee table talk

Today I went to Westport. I went to Westport for work at 7.45 and didn't get back until after 6pm, home to dinner just cooked and served by Favourite Handyman and happy children. It was a nice change from the usual set up.

Out lunching in the slick metropolis of Westport, I saw Damien O'Connor meeting and greeting. Funny that, I saw him meeting and greeting at the Camerons Community Market only a week ago. Is there an election on or something? Damien didn't come talk to our table, but Scott Hamilton has a very interesting story on his blog today about when Labour candidate Carmel Sepuloni came to talk at his coffee table. Although to be accurate, she did nothing to deliberately talk to him, only his good wife. It is a disheartening story, though I wish I could feel more surprised.

Things I could do next: read an actual book. Cut out the next C-word dress. Fold more washing. Do dishes. Or read about other people's sewing online in a dreamy and unproductive manner. Just because there is no wine in the house doesn't mean I have to be diligent. Tomorrow night I am going to a play inspired by Pike.


Scott said…
Politics in New Zealand suddenly seems to be revolving around cafes, doesn't it? Have we all become Parisians or something? And if we're now a cafe nation, where are our cafe intellectuals? Where's our Sartre? Maybe that brilliant you man Andrew Dean from the Kea and Cattle blog writes his award-winning essays in cafes...

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