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Purple sprouting broccoli gone to seed.
Globe artichoke and borage
Calendulas and red poppies

Peas and roses after the rain.The birthday gift for our wee friend H who turns two this month. I used Tiny Happy's tutorial. I scaled it down to about two thirds (leaving the bag height a bit bigger than two thirds). I used some remaindered curtain samples. The only bit which was difficult was joining the handles at the top and I think that would be easier with different fabric. This kind was both sticky and slippery to sew - yes both of those at the same time.

Yesterday I bought a clematis, a jasmine (a non-invasive cultivar apparently), more beans, more basil, more celery, some quash slug pellets and a funky miniature tree-like succulent. I haven't done anything about planting any of them yet because I am keeping myself and my runny nose inside and sewing instead. After I finished the bag, I cut out the fabric for C-word project number one, which is to make a sundress (New Look 6195) in a size seven. I have cut the facing out in a pattern (the main dress is a plain lightweight denim), with the idea that I might yet make the pattern up in a wee bag with denim lining. Or even put a frill on the dress hemline in the pattern. Maybe.

Slug pellets. Yes. The end of the organic dream? The beginning of marital deception given I bought them against our agreed protocol? Maybe. But hopefully it will mean we get to eat some carrots and beans and lettuces and coriander, not just the slugs and snails.


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