Goodnight Irene

Last night I went to a play called Goodnight Irene, put on by Kiwi Possum Productions and inspired by the deaths at Pike River 12 months ago. Attendance was by invitation only, and I think that was wise as the media circled Greymouth this weekend looking for a story, us as objects to feed their ratings. I really enjoyed the play and I am so proud that Greymouth has the talent to put on community theatre like this.

There is naught so interesting as compost for a keen gardener. Yesterday we bought a new compost bin. For the first few years I made a pile under the big tree and hoped for the best. It worked okay, but then it got invaded by perennial weeds and I decided there had to be a better way. About this time last year I bought a standard issue type compost bin for our grass clippings and the pea straw/chook poo which I take out of the coop (as mysteriously the chooks no longer want to roost at night, so they poo in the coop instead). It is making compost alright, but it is impossible to turn and aerate it and also we are out of space and need one if not two more. This time we upgraded to a magnificent compost bin which is easily turned and aerated. I'm setting up a new label so I can use my blog as a diary for how long it takes to make compost under our various systems.
I carefully weeded a densely occupied wee section of the herb garden which had given itself over to weeds, buried bokashi deep below it and then sowed bergamot, white sage and evening primrose seeds on top.

The neighbours are chives, feverfew and lovage. I also planted one chilli plant. Only time will tell if it is too cold yet. Lawnmowing didn't get to the top of the list, but lawnmowing can be overrated when what you want is to make flower chains with daisies and buttercups.

I'm enjoying the roses.

This one is Dublin Bay.
I forget the name of the one above, but I always remember that I grew it from a cutting from our neighbour who is a superb rose grower.


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