The weekend light

Today I have looked after people with (variously) worms, eczema, dementia, the first serious exams of their lives looming, sore throat lurgies, sibling rivalry, a need for red wine and a need for me to make a plate for a shared lunch.

The need for the red wine was mine. I looked after it well. I think I did okay on the other stuff, but by evening I was confident I had earned my booze.

Tomorrow is the annual Camerons Community Market. I've been saving my change for it all week as each year there is a wonderful stall by two women who grow lots of plants from cuttings. Last year I bought gooseberries, redcurrants and grapes. This year I'm hoping to get some clematis, as the one I had given up on two years ago is flowering and it has given me renewed hope. The only problem with the clematis which has decided to survive after all is that a big cabbage tree has practically flown up in front of it. The Trinity Church Fair is also on which makes it a double red letter day. Five years ago, at the very end of October, we moved into our own home for the first time and had not a scrap of furniture for the lounge. Around midday our mate knocked on the door with a chest of drawers for us and news that the chairs were going cheap at the end of the sale. Twelve dollars later and we had five armchairs. A few months later our kindly mate and bargain informant sold us the matching couch which he'd purchased earlier in the day. So even though we don't generally strike such gold now, I always think of the Trinity Church Fair (or Kids n Coffee church fair as my children call it) with affection and spend a few dollars there.

This afternoon I slipped into Wetville's poshest frock shop to finger and price the bright green dress in the window - I've pasted a picture below. I've a hankering for something in bright green but I've yet to find the fabric to do something about it. For a very simple dress made of viscose/spandex, they wanted over $200. Which really made the price of fabric on Trademe seem not so bad at all. Of course, thinking about sewing is so much easier than actually sewing. I've a deadline this coming Thursday, as the children are going to a fairy party for a very special two year old whose mother used to be our babysitter. Even if it involves much sewing on Wednesday night, it should/might/could also get me in the groove to do some sewing for the C word.

I'm thinking of more reading and less cleaning as my mantra this weekend. Not entirely sure it will work given we are an adult down in the house health-wise, but a worthy goal for sure. I'm a few pages into The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery.


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