Seed saving

The kale seeds. I recalled instructions on seed saving as involving picking the pods when they were nearly ready to burst and putting them somewhere warm in a paper bag. So that is what I did. I didn't have the inclination to check on whether my reading memory was accurate. Today is clearly a super green day, because the paper bag started out at the fabric shop. Once it had finished carrying my latest lot of interfacing, then it became my shopping list and now it is my seed bag. Although we have a foil wrap around our hot water cylinder, it is still warmer than other cupboards. Those are my socks for the record, though they always make me think of my Dad, a lifelong Crusaders fan.

Brighid is learning to take photos. This is better than the one of my long black skirt beside the water stained cupboard door and the one of the wall where there used to be wallpaper before she ripped it off.
Today I also planted beans. I dug out the old kale plants and then dug compost and dolomite lime to the soil before planting bean experimetn #2 for this season. I opted not to plant them on the graveyard of the last beans because the latest NZ Organics magazine says keep beans separate from shallots, garlic and onions and the bean urupa is surrounded by shallots and garlic. Then on the new site (site of growth, not death by slugs, thank you quash bait), I remembered that they don't like galdioli either. Tough. I kept most of them down the other end to the potentially offensive flowers.

We still have a broody chook. She's not too hard to move on in order to collect the eggs, though she sure makes some indignant noises in response.

I still have a lurgy. Panadol (which I usually avoid) is my friend today. There are worse things.

The bestest thing of all was at the supermarket, where I saw a friend with a baby. Not a usual friend-with-a-baby but a friend who does not have a baby (only big kids) but who has indicated to CYFS she would take a baby if needed. So this is beautiful baby was smiling at my friend and having fun in the supermarket and my friend may get the opportunity long term (certainly short term) to give this wee girl a wonderful upbringing. Bestest bestest. My heart is still singing from seeing them.


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