Sewing for the C word.

I have almost finished one dress for the C word. Because it is a sundress with a halter neck, I can't get a decent photo until I have an awake child to model it. I need to press it, neaten the side seams (with zig zag; I cannot manage/face neatening by folding under and stitching with this fabric) and then hem it. The facing is an African print from Brixton, London, which I originally bought for babywearing. The lovely Toddy (who is now blogging at Credit Crunch Kitchen) taught me how to wrap Fionn in it in the traditional African style. I loved learning, and in my time I loved a bit of babywearing, but I didn't get confident enough to wear him in this fabric beyond the initial experimentation. The denim fabric is a gift from the also lovely Susan (who I wish would post more of her superb photos here). I think that maybe possibly if the time Gods shine on me (rare), I will make a bag to go with the dress and the bag will be print on the outer and denim lining. Even so, I'm wondering about breaking up the front with some print on the hemline. I looked up making bias binding but I'm not convinced I have the patience right now to make my own bias binding (the niece does have a sister, and one bias bound dress plus one snotty hanky for the other sibling does not make for happiness). I'm more seriously considering making a ruffle with the print fabric. Faffy, but not so far out of my headspace quotient as home made bias binding.

It has also occurred to me that the kindy dressup or bag which I have sort of committed to in my head as a leaving present from Brighid to kindy needs to be made within the next 27 days. She goes on her school visits next week no less.

Also today I planted out the jasmine and the clematis and transplanted my tomatoes and more basil (I am ridiculously behind with my tomatoes again). I told Favourite Handyman about the quash for the slugs and snails. After all, beans taste better to us than slugs and snails and my project is all about beans for us.

Best blog reading for today: Luxuries, Necessities and the Right to Make Mistakes, by Anthea at The Hand Mirror. Beautiful writing for an important message.

The project to make a wider range of meals? What was I thinking on that day? That term time would be like holiday time? Huh. We did have sushi tonight though, which is pretty fast to make if you mix up the veges and salmon and spread it rather indiscriminately over the rice mixture.

I think I'm getting fatter. It must be the lack of wine over the past few days. Body protest.


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