Wednesday, November 16, 2011

feeding the soul

Brighid's photography is improving don't you think? Head, shoulders, rose, all in the centre-ish of the picture.
Brighid with the roses I grew from cuttings, the wandering Jew and the jerusalem artichokes.

Sometimes it is an idyllic retreat from organised life, a romantic view through dappled light.

Other times, the lawn needs mowing and everything needs weeding. Jersualem artichokes almost everywhere. I remember when everything was empty and filling any dream involved spending. Now, everything needs weeding but flowers feed my soul and vegetables feed my stomach.

Blog post of the day: Scott Hamilton at Reading The Maps on the significance of the tea party in Epsom.

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2d to 3d photo said...

Such nice pictures. I must say that Brighid's photography is really improving. She is looking nice in picture with a rose.