Dire dangerous dumb things from the Sunday Star Times

and that's just the front page (12 Feb 2012). A deliberately inflammatory and pandering to racist persons lead article: "Ethnic rights advice stuns communities" The largest image is of the head of a burka-clad person with just eyes showing through. The three images below are of men with names. That pissed me off quite enough without dealing with the flimsy nature of the content which isn't substantial enough to warrant front page news for any reason except playing to a red neck and racist audience. Can someone tell me why covered and heavily veiled, unspecific and unveiled Muslim women are invoked as a symbol of danger in our media so ridiculously often?

As for the next article: "Spoonful of obesity anyone?", I can only reflect on my own stupidity for paying money to people who litter their front pages with such drivel. Some flimsy piece of research showed that babies who led their own food intake by using their fingers rather than being fed by a spoon were skinnier than the spoon fed children. It is unclear from the article how long the follow-up period was, and possibly it is based solely on the period from six to 24 months.

Because we all know that there is now NOTHING more dangerous than being obese. It's really important that we foster self-belief and good body image in our babies by freaking out over how the food gets in their tiny darling mouths.


Anonymous said…
We just received our first free trial of this paper - glad to see someone else was as incensed as I was! I voiced my readiness to cancel the FREE subscription - and met with wails of disapproval as the kids like the puzzles and crosswords;-) I guess it provides an opportunity to critique drivel.
Anonymous said…
This'll get you going....



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