Looking forward to the sangria project

Sewing is so quiet! After the intense shock of a Monday, sitting down with my floral curtain dress project (which is coming along nicely thank you, just need to buy some lining fabric for the bodice to make the next step) is bliss. My children are blessed with particularly fabulous teachers this year, only today they began their homework programme. Whoah. I've mostly ignored homework in past years beyond listening to reading and a bit of maths, but it does appear that that loose excuse for a formal home learning regime is at an end. I carefully prepared all the swimming gear for the children and a snack for them after school and whipped out of my work meeting early to collect them for swimming lessons. Next week I must remember that I need a snack after school to get me through watching the lessons.

In preparation for turning the corner into another decade, I'm looking forward to my great friend Jan from university days coming over the big hill to visit and a sangria-filled night. According to google, this recipe is very good.

My sister sent me this link: Don't look at my ass in asana. Although I'm not a yoga practitioner myself (too quiet for me when I tried), Jessica Powers' argument remains awesome from a wider perspective. Then there is this post from my sister her very own astute self: Talkin bout a revolution. The book she mentions is indeed wonderful - luckily my sister gave me a copy. I should do something about blowing up the stencil images in it.


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