Green things

This is not quite how tomatoes look in the magazines. Or in the gardens of sensible people, dare I say 'normal' gardeners. Those people stake their plants properly. I staked mine with sticks which didn't withstand the last big wind and then the prone stakes prevented the plants from recovering upwards. The tomatoes are finally ripening though, and they taste good.
This is hardly Home and Garden country either. But it is testament to the enduring prettiness of self seeded borage and calendula in the face of total neglect. I did plant some red onions in this patch, and a tomato plant and a chilli, but they got swamped long ago.
Favourite Handyman stacked this. I think it is excellent.
More crazy overgrownness. Canna lillies, roses, tansy, lemon balm, red hot poker and a dahlia, twined throughout with convulvulus. I still love my red fence.
The next sewing project is the green top above (B)

Remember the $4 too-pink jacket? No longer pink. St Patrick's Day, I am ready. Throw me cheesey Irish jokes (and Guinness) and I will wear it back.
I undid the sleeve cuffs before I dyed it and now have to rehem them. Along with hemming the floral curtain Colette crepe dress.

Today we began something new. Brighid started ballet lessons. I think that makes me a ballet mother. I'm not cut out for that. But she loved it and I have a fellow non-ballet-mum-type friend to hang out with while I watch her trip around in pink kit so the omens are quite good considering.


Sharonnz said…
Nothing like a well stacked wood pile!
Anonymous said…
1) Your tomatoes look just like ours
2) Keep the handyman
3) Take knitting to ballet!

applepip said…
Oh hurrah - my tomatoes look much like yours :) Glad to be in good company.

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