The freezing machine

We are now the proud owners of a small chest freezer, about one third of the size of the massive chest freezer my parents have. When I was a child they had two massive chest freezers. My new freezing machine comes from Mary K, who no longer needs it now she is living in a rest home. Perhaps this new capacity for frozen goods will transform my life and grant me unforeseen efficiencies in the kitchen. Right now I'm mighty pleased if I can cobble dinner together of a late afternoon, let alone cooking in advance and freezing goodly sized amounts.

I have bought some pastry and extra bread and butter and put in the basket. Don't talk to me about trans fats and bought pastry. I wear my blinkers for my own mental safety.

I also have a box of daffodil bulbs that I dug from Mary K's front garden/lawn. These bulbs are over sixty years old and come from the garden of Mary's late in laws. I'm looking forward to dividing and growing them on in Wetville soil and enjoying them for a long time.


Sharonnz said…
I'm a little bit in love with our chest freezer.
Scott said…
Hi Sandra, I know you wrote it a while back, but I was wondering if I might be able to steer your review of the Bill Pearson into the next issue of brief, which I'm frantically trying to compile. I think the piece fits our theme, and Pearson deserves another review in print...Do you want to drop me a line?
HaggisMummy said…
Hello Sandra- I'm back! (It has been 2 years since I last entered this space).

I inherited a chest freezer when my friend relocated too. Not huge, just a perfect size to chuck things on special in the supermarket, freeze left overs and prepped sauce base. Oh and to chill wine in an emergency.
Anonymous said…
Be warned.
You put things in chest freezers.
You forget them.
You find them three years later. They are no longer recognisable.

Of course you might label items and do a monthly freezer purge....but if you're like me, just remember you were warned!

Sandra said…
Hi Sharon. That's very wonderful. I'll keep you posted on how the status of my freezer relationship.

Thanks Scott. I've emailed you.
Hello Laura (MH)!! Lovely to 'see' you.

Hi Rachael. I have a genetic predisposition to the behaviour you describe...

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