Floral curtain project begun

I have begun the floral curtain fabric Colette crepe wrap over dress. I've only cut the bodice front and back and sewn one dart but I can report already that I love it. In all its resplendent-Grandma's-curtains-ness.

While I'm talking clothes, these things have merits, merits so meritorious that I have to show them here.
Exhibit A: the model of the Goddess bra, new to Avokado. It's ridiculously rare to see a curvacious lingerie model, but I am delighted this time. Clearly, in order to endorse and support this choice, I shall have to buy the bra.
Exhibit B: The boots I have on layby. Mine are black not red, only because I have not yet reached that wealthy point in my life when I can own enough pairs of boots to have black and red. I will admit to having my eye on some red shoes though. Black boots plus red shoes isn't so extravagant. They have a flat sole because I need to walk everywhere all the time in winter boots, not just clip clop around work making a noise in heeled boots.

I have no garden achievements, no new kitchen achievements and no political analysis to offer of any kind. Whenever I write such a line, I feel compelled to look around the web even very briefly, slightly scared that I might really have no thoughts in my brain. My first port of call tends to be the Guardian newspaper website, and so I tender here for your viewing and my kitchen looks-good-maybe-sometime-soon-never-mind-the-fussy-kids list, an article and recipe on the perfect tom yum soup. I found the perfect tom yum soup once at a restaurant in Kingsland in Auckland only when we went back for more another night they never took my food order. I'd order another gin each time the waitress finally appeared and then she would disappear before I could snatch her apron and get her to write down some food on her pad of wonder-instructions. We went elsewhere after that, back in the heady days of no kids and regular restaurant consumption, because lots of gin and no food at the end of a tough working week is bad.


Susan said…
I don't know what happened to my comment, but Sandra, every woman needs red shoes.......for those 'I feel special' days.....it is even better than pretty underwear :)

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