The thing which annoyed me most today

The supermarket. For many adults, they have little choice about going to the supermarket. You people in your flash big towns of more than ten thousand people, you might assume that online grocery shopping is available to us all but you are wrong. Somehow, we all need to get some food.

Our local supermarket has a Lotto shop in it. It is depressing watching how many people line up for Lotto (sitting on a raffle stall opposite the Lotto counter makes it hard to avoid), but equally who am I to say that spending $6 on a Lotto ticket is better or worse than spending it on a glass of beer or wine at the pub.

After the checkout at our supermarket, you have to walk past the Lotto shop to get out of the building. There is no other exit. But the new development which annoyed me so considerably is that there is now the phrase "What would you do?" written on the floor with footprints painted on going towards the Lotto counter. For people with gambling addictions or vulnerable to overspending on gambling products, this seems particularly cruel. It's also styled to be appealing to kids. Pester power on the Lotto front is ten steps too far,

I huffed and puffed to myself over the degeneration of the world and bought a raffle ticket from the table opposite the Lotto counter instead. Of course it's gambling, and like so often with well meaning local hampers, I'm not at all sure I want to win the third prize, but the money stays local. Local in this instance is school camp for kids at one of the lower decile schools in the area. I hope they have a great time.


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