If you ever feel that the blogosphere is just full of pretty people making pretty clothes which they model in their pretty and immaculate houses, and that feeling is just a tad oppressive, then I'm here.  The Letters from Wetville antidote effect.

Above are three photos.  They are all bad shots, of me, in Brighid's bedroom, which has no wallpaper on it and consists entirely of mess.  But my point, beyond that obvious stuff, is that I've finished the Colette Crepe curtain dress.  I quite like it.  Will I have the guts to wear it out out, or to work, rather than just on errands and round home?  Not sure yet.  Now I see it completed, I'd like to make a red one.  Actually, I would like to wear a red with polka dots version, and sewing is clearly how I'm going to get one.

I've started some more sewing.  This time Simplicity 1941, which is a bunch of new skills entirely, as I've never made a collar, or a placket, or a woven blouse of any kind before.  I'm making the version which the model is wearing, sans the ruffles.I'm using an old sheet with liitle green flowers on it.  If it works, then I have some red gingham (small checks) ready.  It was originally for a smocked dress for Brighid, but then Mum admitted multi-skilling defeat as she is busy running her entire small town, with special attention to its Catholic Church, and handed the fabric on to me.  I was originally going to use it for Brighid, but she has way more pretty dresses than me, and finding fabric I love (for myself) is tricky. 

Storynory is the best discovery of this week.  They have a wonderful selection of children's stories in audio form.  Even if you have older primary age children, I think it is worth a look.  Brighid (5) absolutely adores it and I quite liked listening as well.

When we left London, I did, as the cliche goes, keep a little of it in my heart, probably to reside there forever.  Some things travel more easily than others.  The Guardian Weekly travels well, and most weeks Favourite Handyman and I do the (quick) crossword together, practising now for when we are much more wrinkled.  While convalescing today and yesterday, through the great wonders of the internet (does anybody else still think the internet is like a big Christmas present, full of goodies and almost too useful and interesting to be for real?), I got to listen to Radio Four.  Julia Donaldson's My Teenage Diary was funny.  This morning I listened to almost everything Jenni Murray has said on air in the last week.  When I left New Zealand, I missed Kim Hill, and now I'm here, a spot of Jenni Murray never goes amiss.

Tomorrow I return to normal life, to the overdue warrant of fitness, library fines and league games.  It makes me cough just thinking about it, but at least my heart is no longer racing and the coughing doesn't make me vomit. 


Christopher said…
I think you should definitely wear the Crepe curtain dress; it looks like a nice spring dress to wear on a lovely spring day - when you have them where you are...

The top part looks a bit loose - is that correct?
Sharonnz said…
Clearly, one day the universe has to allow us to have a drink together in our Crepe dresses!
Sandra said…
Hi Christopher. I may put it on again today and get some decent photographs. Getting the shoulders right was tricky. I took them down a size for this dress compared to the first one. It may come right if I tie it a bit tighter as I put it on.

Sharon, absolutely - I would love that!
Ruth G said…
I love BBC 4 and often download the Women's Hour to listen to in bed or in the garden. Plus the Friday night comedy is not to be missed!

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