Planet Forty

There is a slow return to functional health here.  After both children took a turn (consecutive nights) at being up almost the entire night with wicked ear pain, I got doctor's appointments for the three of us yesterday.  Fionn is back at school with just a cough now.  Brighid is on antibiotics and tonight she finally returned to her usual perky and cheeky self.  After a battery of checks, I have been ordered to stay home and rest for the rest of the week and been given the medical certificate to endorse it.  The doctor, the best doctor I've had in a few years now, even rang me at home later on and told me off for not being in bed. 

Favourite Handyman is being awesome, working all day, then supermarket shopping and coming home and cooking lovely food every night.  He also fills the coal bucket so I can light the fire in the morning without having to lug heavy things in the cold. 

I have the beginnings of thoughts on topics outside my own body, but I'm still in a slightly vacuous haze.  I think about knitting a Miette cardigan, but don't even pick up the needles to finish the scarf on the shelf. I've been admiring the cultural delights of Auckland, specifically ogling pics of the book launch for Jacqueline Fahey's new book on facebook and reading a sample of the new book (go to this link and scroll down to the bottom for the sample pdf).  Scott Hamilton's write up of the showing of Tongan Ark made me very envious of those who got to see it.  I guess even if I lived in the land of expensive houses, I still wouldn't be at either event while still lurgified.

I've done a little research on the flu and heart problems following the doctor's visit.  Perhaps I'd heard of a link before but screened it out as only relevant to old people (definition at the time: older than me).  Ah, Planet Forty: she's talking directly to me this time.


Scott said…
Flu's rife here too, Snadra - my niece has been in hospital with it tonight! Half of Auckland is down. I'm thinking of cutting and running to the tropics.

Speaking of the tropics: Paul has been invited to show Tongan Ark at the end of this month in Christchurch. Perhaps you can make it to that event? I'm sure he'd enjoy meeting and chatting with you. Apparently the showing in Wellington this weekend was a sellout.
Sandra said…
I hope your niece is on the mend now Scott. That is truly awful. My chances of making it to Christchurch this month are on the slender side of nil, though I would indeed love to see Tongan Ark. Ten days off work ill definitely creates a backlog of work to catch up on!

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