Spring beauty

 Despite consistent neglect, my globe artichokes are survivors.  A local friend had to pull hers out as they were too prolific and crowded everything else out of her vege garden. 
 Every year I photograph and post my first iris.  This year is no exception.
 Calendulas.  Letting them go to seed last year was a great move.  We'll pretend it was deliberate rather than the result of neglect.  Benign and loving neglect, clearly.
 Thyme in flower.
 The chook grave garden.
 Daffodils and jonquils.
 Same beautiful flowers, different angles.  I can see these from the kitchen, which cheers me up several times a day.
Pansy amongst the miners lettuce.  I took these photos today, and did some weeding, before the rain returned.  I love my garden, salve to anything which bugs me.

I believe I wrote about budgeting last week.  I don't feel qualified to write about something as ambitious as swiping off $1000 per fortnight tonight.  Since I wrote that last post, we had a brief visit to the pub, Dominoes pizza for dinner and I bought Baileys to soothe my throat.  All in one crumpled and crumpling Friday night.  Since then I have been making yoghurt and fruit smoothies with slippery elm in them to soothe my throat.  So rude of my flu cough to return.  I'd heard of this bug returning and in my usual arrogant fashion assumed that that wouldn't happen to me because I didn't want it to.  Like anyone else invited it back.  It's only the cough though, not the full-on flu bits.

When I sew again, I'm not going to bother with the Simplicity 1941 shirt pattern after all.  Dresses are what I really love, so dresses are what I shall sew.  I fancy New Look 6097.  Only two metres, which is pretty attractive after other dresses I've fallen for have required five metres.
Only trying it will tell me if it suits my shape.  I have a similar style with a full skirt which I bought from Laura Ashley two years ago and still wear every week.


Deborah said…
I love the photos from your garden. Mine has been sadly neglected, so it's looking very shabby indeed, but my outrageous workload peak is almost over, so hopefully I will be able to get out there again very soon.
Sandra said…
Thanks Deborah. Wishing you a sunny weekend as soon as your work peak is over.

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