How to

1. How to: fill your day with things which are mostly not paid work: go to A & E twice in one day for two separate persons.

2. How to: make a twit of oneself: go to bookgroup when drunk on tiredness and talk too much.  With possibly excessive swearing.  The good ladies of Paroa may prefer I don't come back. 

3. How to: develop insomnia: have a glass of wine at book group.  Lethal.

4. How to: start knitting the pink Miette cardigan: be awake 3-4.30 in the morning.

5. How to: get paid work done around everything else?  I'll let you kow when I've found the magic answer to that.

Good things: all the A & E visits have resulted in people who are okay now.  The Washed Haze yarn is knitting up nicely.  I believe the appropriate term is that it has nice stitch definition. They were very nice at work when I explained that I was going to be late on a big deadline.  The Indian Takeaways shop was very understanding when I drove four kilometres to order some dinner (don't even talk to me about the one thousand project, I'm just staying on my feet this week, that's achievement plenty) and realised that I had left my bag/wallet at home.  They started cooking while I drove all the way there and back.  When I got back from my second trip to the Magical Dinner-making Place, the fire was going, the children were happy and the table was laid ready for dinner.  My lovely supportive Mr Favourite Handyman remembered how I hate to come home with dinner and find crap all over the table and no sign of cutlery and prep.


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