Simplicity 1945

 I finished the blue crossover top (Simplicity 1945) in the weekend, and wore it for the first time today.  Brighid took some photos for me at the end of today.  She even interrupted the story she was writing for her homework to take them.  "A unicorn was going over a rainbow one day.  It found a dead unicorn.  It fell down through the rainbow."   
 It has definitely turned out better than the first version.  I learnt a lot about making full bust adjustments and taking better care of details as I sewed, so this version doesn't, for example, have two different sized sleeves.  That is an improvement.  It is very comfortable to wear.  The fabric is very clingy - I think a print would be more flattering, but print fabrics in jersey knits are not easy to find in New Zealand.  The first version was too tight across my tummy.  I could carry a pregnancy in this one.  I don't plan on doing anything of the kind.  I had hoped that this would be a pattern that I would make several tops with.  I'm not convinced that I will at this stage.  I think I would like it better extended into a dress.  As a top, it seems better suited to a tall person.
Then there is the sleeveless cardigan which I made a few years ago.  I never wear it anymore.  I put it on sometimes and take it off again.  I don't like how shapeless it is.  So I've started to undo it and maybe I shall turn it into a cowl.  I like the colours in the cardi, just not the shape.  There is possibly enough to do the Miette cardigan in this, but I don't want the Miette in variegated wool.

In the garden, is my first spear of asparagus.  As in, this is the first time I can cut it (they cannot be cut until they are three years old).  Of the many one year old crowns I planted two years ago, this is the only one which has survived. 


BeaJay said…
Loving the look of your top. Hopefully you will grow to love it too. It looks good on you. You mentioned it might be nicer in a print. Perhaps teaming it with a print skirt or a different colour on the bottom will help to break up the blue
prttynpnk said…
I like it- I'm always looking for a cross-ver that doesn't gap. Great color on you, too!
Sandra said…
Thanks BeaJay and prttynpnk! I think I tend to expect miracles from my clothing by the time I've taken weeks and sometimes months to make the pattern alterations and then sew the item. Not sure if it would be good or bad to live close to a decent fabric shop. Good choosing, bad for budget.
Keely said…
Love the top! Have you checked out the ottobredesign magazine?
I've been enjoying patterns that don't need many adjustments.
Lyndle said…
I think this looks nice. At first I thought it WAS a dress but closer inspection showed too garments! I think you could wear this pattern as a dress or a top. Maybe it would also work without he front centre drape at the hem?
I know what you mean about printed knits. Even here in Wellington where there are 4 fabric shops, the knit prints tend to be loud and polyester. You could try giving Arthur Toyes in Willis St a ring to see what they have, they tend to have some knit prints and they know their stock. I'd be happy to send samples if you like the sound of something!
Lyndle said…
Sorry about the typos above - i can't edit but meant to say two garments, not too garments!

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