the pathetic sighs of a quadruplicated flu dweller

The flu.  In quadruplicate.  Don't introduce your children to mine in years to come; we have weak genes.

I'm currently up in the middle of the night because the coughing is less horrible when upright.  I'm currently very very grateful for the bed protector which has just saved the big bed from disaster.  Our little girl is in with me tonight as she is too sick to sleep alone and, in the manner of small children who are ill and out of their usual body rhythm, I've just had to strip the bed.  She had moved the bed protector as she wriggled around trying to sleep as close to me as possible, but by dint of divine grace she was still on the bed protector when she had an accident.  Thank you God, The Universe, Everything.

Some pictures from before the fall:
Above, the duplo tower.  Accessories: two league players, one of whom did some tackling and won herself a fish and chip voucher earlier in the day.    Below, the 'after' photo of my hardly-drinking hair colour treat ('specially for you Sharon!).  Brassy ends replaced by caramel toned blond foils and not a grey hair in sight.  The glassy-eyed look is probably the nascent beginnings of the big flu. 
I'm pulling out of things by the dozen, coughing all the way, and it looks like we will miss the school gala for the first time since we became wannabe Coasters.

I may post sounding less pathetic some time.  I would advise no one to bet money on that though.


Sharonnz said…
Love it, Sandra!

Sorry to hear the dastardly flu has struck you down.

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