Ghost town

I'm a lucky woman.  I have a part time job, two awesome kids (y'know, especially when they are asleep), a supportive partner who is in full time work, food, warm home, good friends.  Last night Brighid amused herself fairly badly by coughing endlessly.  At 6.15am she moved into our bed and coughed some more, declaring between coughs that she wasn't well enough for school.  We have had acres and acres of time off work and school this year.  I knew that so long as she didn't vomit, she would be coming to work with me, not staying home while I missed work yet again. 

Even luckier, I asked my lovely friend N if Brighid could hang out with her for a few hours and she could.  Brighid had the loveliest time, coughing all the way but otherwise pretty good.  I had a lovely time catching up with my friend when I picked up Brighid, something I don't get to do much since I increased my paid work hours at the beginning of this year.

Then Brighid and I went into town as I had an errand to do.  Parks everywhere.  Town was dead and I'm not suprised.  Hundreds of men were at a meeting to find out the fate of their jobs at Solid Energy's Spring Creek Coal Mine.  It's not a time when anyone feels like shopping is a good idea.

Brighid came with me to work 3-4.30pm and I turned on the radio with baited breath as soon as I got home.  We don't know anything much at all, it turns out, only that it isn't looking good.


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