Growing soil

More gardening.  A perfect day of sunshine after yesterday's gale.  I weeded along most of the garden underneath the kitchen window, and then I planted cavolo nero and basil in the resultant gaps.  Cavolo Nero is my favourite kind of kale, and we didn't grow enough last year.

In yesterday's fierce weather the garlic and the bergamot were flattened.  I cut the bergamot (which was about a metre tall) almost to the ground, and will deal with the garlic tomorrow.  Then I cleared one third of the punga raised bed of weeds, spread the charcoal (dumped from the remains of a barbeque using driftwood), buried a bucket of bokashi along the centre of this third, then collected several handfuls (through a plastic bag) of chook-poo encrusted wood shavings and spread them along this third.  Then I severely diluted the liquid from the bottom of the bokashi bucket and poured that on top of the poo-wood mix.  Then I laid the branches of bergamot on top and the spent poppy plants on top of the bergamot.

At the other end of the punga raised bed is my favourite little flower:

I'm now reading Iris and Ruby by Rosie Thomas, which I'm enjoying.  Favourite Handyman is painting the hallway 'witchhazel', which is looking quite good.  I think it will work out very well, though part of me wonders if we are turning the house into a circus.  Actually, it is a literal circus of madness all of the time, and now the paintwork is starting to give a positive rendition of this reality...

I presented myself for ultrasound examination this morning at eight o'clock sharp.  Turns out I have lots of nodules in my neck, some larger than others.  The next investigations are either nuclear imaging or a biopsy.  Truthfully, I'm okay about them not happening exactly this week.


Heather said…
Oh, I read Iris and Ruby a few years back - it's fantastic!
Sandra said…
I finished it this morning Heather, with a sob at several key points in the story. Loved it!

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