I'm back at work and the sun shining is shining most utterly gloriously for all of every day.  This afternoon I bought a sprinkler and the kids ran around under it after their first day of school and their earlier fatigue and grumpiness melted away. 

Most of the year we live in a deluge of water, or between frequent deluges, so buying a sprinkler hasn't been high on our list, ever.  But I left it on the old chook run garden for a while this evening and then planted out some more greens.  We cannot have too many greens going into autumn and winter.  Alongside the sprinkler, I bought punnets of silverbeet, tatsoi and spinach.  There are no photos because although I spent about a million hours divesting us of many many items and then the lovely H began cleaning for us on Monday (very wonderful), I have, in the process, mislaid the cord which connects the camera to the computer.

I am weaning myself off frequent trips to the supermarket quite well.  That has been an additional prompt for me to put more greens in the garden, as greens which have been in the fridge for six days (on top of time in transit and at the supermarket) aren't really my preferred type of vegetable.

Must be work + school season if I'm about to go hang out washing at almost 9pm...


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