Still cleaning after all of these minutes

Houseworking.  Still.  Anyone would think that I had to go back to work in a couple of days.  Today H our prospective cleaner came round and I liked her immediately.  She starts on Monday and upgrades at that point from 'prospective cleaner' to 'our cleaner'.  This afternoon I helped Fionn clean out his room and set up a coffee table for his lego.  Maybe I'm the only person in the world with a child who looks at his/her bedroom and has no idea where to start but does quite well with alongside support.  I somehow doubt that. to my great relief, he was in a mood to get rid of a number of things he has outgrown.  Phew!  More room for the things he does love, and an enthusiastic goodby on my part to large plastic battery operated toys.  Has anyone else noticed that the really annoying toys have batteries which never run out?

Goodbye, very large, very noisy helmet.

I also cooked up a storm in the kitchen.  I roasted a mix of aubergines, red peppers, red onions, anchovies and (tinned) tomatoes.  Most of it I put in a litre container in the freezer, but the last part I saved for dinner.  I roasted a chicken, took all the meat off it and then put the carcass and cooking juices in the slow cooker with bay leaves, onions, carrots, celery and lovage.  Then we had sandwiches with salad from the garden, the roasted vege mix, chicken, hummous, cherry tomatoes from our garden, carrot sticks and cucumber.  Obviously you are all dying to know this detail.  I cooked corn on the cobs for lunch as well.  It's kind of fun, cooking in bulk-ish on an afternoon - lots less pressure than after work on a Thursday evening.

No sewing.  When people ask me how I get sewing/gardening/other projects done, I tell them quite truthfully that I don't do housework.  Not so at the moment, though once the clearance work is finished (though I understand constant maintenance is required), I should be able to sew in splendour.

In other news, I have a six year old.  We had a party on a beautiful sunny day and despite the usual reservations (What if children don't get on?  What if the mothers are horrified by the state of my house?), it was a great afternoon.  Brighid's favourite gifts were a CD of The Sound of Music songs and a music box, replete with a twirling ballerina.  I seem to recall liking mine a lot a long time ago, though whether I drove my family nuts by playing it when I should be asleep in bed does not survive in my memory.

Tonight we somehow stumbled across this youtube slide show of Don Mclean's "Vincent" (or "Starry Starry Night") song set to images of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings.  It gave a whole new meaning to a song which was merely background ballad to my childhood on Radio Nelson before deregulation of the airwaves.  Van Gogh painted Starry Starry Night whilst incarcerated for insanity, and the song reflects on the challenges he faced even as he produced fantastic paintings.


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