Lemon Balm

I bought and planted lemon balm because I liked the smell of it.  It doesn't get used in the kitchen, and despite its invasive nature, it is currently buried amongst even more invasive plants by the bright red corrugated iron fence.

But hyperthyroidism is turning out to be a dramatic beast, and I am looking forward to my hospital appointment at the end of the month.  In another bout of online reading on the subject, I noticed again that lemon balm is known to slightly inihibit the thyroid-producing hormone (e.g. here).  I've just been out in the garden and, clearing some unknown yellow-flowering weed out of the way and reaching gently between the rose branches, have picked some lemon balm.  I've got the jug on the boil now to make lemon balm tea.

We've had my father in law to stay this week and the house has been a DIY festival.  More on that next week.


Anonymous said…
I don't want to burst your bubble, but while I do feel that the lemon balm tea can be relaxing, it hasn't had any effect on my thyroid function. Perhaps it may work better for some people than for others, but it hasn't lowered mine. Nadine in NC

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