The remnants top: Simplicity 1945

The remnants top.  I had leftover polyester jersey from two attempts at the Simplicity 1945 (Khaliah Ali) crossover top, plus some leftover polyester knit from my Cake Patterns Tiramisu dress.  I used them to make the cowl neck top in Simplicity 1945. I cut an 18 round the neck and sleeves and graded up to the equivalent of a 20 for the sides.  The shine in the first picture is the combo of the flash on the camera and the light coloured bra effect - it isn't see through as far as I can tell so far.  I had mid blue for the back, navy for the front and sleeves and a lightweight polyester knit in a blue print for the cowl.  Navy is as difficult to photograph as black, but I'm pleased with this top, which I appear to have produced at nil cost.  May this, together with the Tiramisu dress, mark the beginning of a successful year sewing.

Last night a slug ate the carrot seedlings.  Razed them to the ground.  Once again.  Slugs have a long history of eating all of my carrot seedlings at my place.  A very long history.  But Favourite Handyman did dig up the far too big flax bush out the front (I couldn't even lift the rootball afterwards) and we moved one of the bay trees into its place.  I'm ready for an attempt at European styling out the front, one which doesn't centre on blackberry.


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