Thursday in the garden

In the night, it occurred to me that I could let out the seams on the Tiramisu bodice a little.  So this morning, I did.  It isn't a magical fix, but I think it will make wearing the dress to work more comfortable - it's not a good look to be tugging the bodice over one's bust, ever.  Than I hemmed it.  Viola, all done.  My photographer was busy doing Important Ten Year Old Things, so maybe I will get a photo of the completed-including-the-hem dress another day soon.

Then I moved to the garden, my favourite place this summer.  Yesterday I weeded and then sowed rocket and misome.  Today I weeded and then sowed beetroot and planted purple alyssum.  We had a very windy night and some of my plants, especially the tomatoes, are the worse for it.  But every day that I spend freeing up more soil from the weeds is leading to many more veges for us this autumn and winter.  I'm focusing mostly on greens, as they are old and expensive in the supermarkets and nothing beats fresh greens on the plate minutes from when they were attached to the soil.  I haven't had chicory/radicchio for a few years but it was a great performer last time I did. 

We did lots of talking about converting the overrun sandpit into a chook run/tunnel house.  The idea being the chooks would have access to it via a tunnel from the Poultry Palace in winter, and in summer we would put down the hatch between the Palace and the tunnel house and grow tomatoes and basil and maybe broccoli in it.  I went down to the hardware shops and got some prices.  Might not be this summer, but maybe at the end of term one we could do it.  Or that's the seed I am sowing...

Does it look like this is my gardening diary?  Why yes it is.  Much harder to lose than a notebook.


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