Autumn love

Today, this afternoon, we all hung out in the back yard. Total bliss. I let the chooks out for a while and harvested lots of marrows and zucchinis and beetroot. Then I weeded more of the old chicken run and layered Raelene's chook house mix (sawdust and nitrogen-rich chook poo) on top. Then peastraw on top of that. Lastly I emptied the liquid fertiliser bucket (about 50 litres) over the top of the peastraw. I made the fertiliser over a year ago and have learnt that it really rains far too much here for bothering about liquid fertiliser. I won't make it again. The comfrey is ready to be harvested but I will try another way this time (what, I don't know yet, but by the end of tomorrow I may both know and have done it).

Favourite Handyman and the children stacked wood. They are stacking the rata first, under the lean-to where it can be accessed for the last logs on at night throughout winter. Rata is wood gold round here, famous for its high and long heat.

We have huge argentata beet in the punga raised bed at the moment and I'm thinking of cooking it all up with the garden leeks and some garlic (and maybe anchovies) and then whizzing it into puree with my whizzy stick and freezing it. Then I can get it out and defrost it and add cream and off we go for fast pasta for dinner. That is the plan anyway. Then I could plant some more things in the resulting space.

Today was definitely Autumn. I had a jersey on all morning. I need to let down the blackout lining on the children's curtains tomorrow and hopefully tack another length of thick fabric on the bottom so that the bottom of the curtain is not sitting just above their heads.

I have been puddling around with crafty bits while I surf the net in the last few weeks. I've been knitting my purple cardy and unpicking the homespun, home knitted jersey which I was handed down last year and which the marvellous Megan (who really should be blogging herself) dyed for me. Not sure what I will make with the wool yet. I've almost finished meticulously unpicking a lovely lime and white checked business shirt which I bought for 50 cents in summer. I think it will turn into a summer frock for Miss Ella's seventh birthday but I haven't measured the pattern pieces against it yet.

But now, with not merely the promise of autumn but its arrival and the promise of winter, I need to turn away from fanciful projects and make myself some jammies, or a nightshirt as that is surely less sewing than a two-piece. I haven't found any at the Sallies which do not have the whiff of a death and I cannot bring myself to pay big shop prices. I made one pair of pj pants a year or so ago and I have nearly worn out my last Sally finds. I've got a pattern from Mum still and I plan to cut up old flannelette sheets for the fabric. I am certainly going to slumber in swirly splendour.


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