the budget project

Hmmm. I have a pretty good grip on the theory, but my/our practise has been poor for some time.

More soup, less booze.

No more rash purchases of brand new juicers or other large ticket items while caring for sick children, or not caring for sick children, or under any circumstances.

I need to attack, reform, do whatever it takes, our profligacy bit by many pronged bit. Tomorrow I will begin by focusing the Sunday kitchen marathon on lunch food for the adults as well as the children. Week one of the budget project will be home made lunches for four people, Monday - Friday. Make that Monday to Sunday, but we'll do the weekday part first.

And writing down what we spend. Every time.

I can't pop in and out of adulthood, I know I know. But sometimes I act like I can. Then it catches up.

At least The Lacuna, by Barbara Kingsolver, is free from the library. It is completely wonderful. I want to write like Kingsolver. One tenth as well would be fine even.


Anonymous said…
I adore Barbara Kingsolver's work. I'd heard that Lacuna was not liked by alot of people, the way she had structured it, which put me off. Maybe I should give it a go. How does it compare to her other novels?
I'm half way through it and the structure is hanging together impressively. It has that epic-immerse-yourself-in-another-life quality which Poisonwood Bible had (and so did Animal Vegetable Miracle imo). I'm halfway through and it's big, 500 pages, so I'll report again when I've finished it.

Are you a Rose Tremain fan? I see in yesterday's Press that she has a new novel out, favourably reviewed by Quigley who notes that Tremain's work can be uneven.
Anonymous said…
Is it intensely heavy like Poisonwood Bible?

I haven't read any Tremain, but always on the lookout for new authors. Should I start with the new one then do you think?
I don't think quite so intensely heavy, though it is a long time since I read Poisonwood Bible.

I suggest you start with Tremain's Music and Silence.
Anonymous said…
Thanks :-)

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