brake fluid is really important

That's the most important learning I have achieved today, more specifically the relationship between certain symptoms of brake malfunction and brake fluid. I'm just grateful that we are all still alive. My knowledge of cars does not extend to recognising that the damp looking stuff on the wheel rim behind Brighid's car door was brake fluid, though had I recognised it, even I would have known it was in the wrong place. I love the people at JJ auto services and I love that we live in a small town where the mechanic took us home, the sleeping sick toddler, her carseat, the boy with school sores and the mum in his roadworthy-with-fully-functioning-brakes-4WD.

Before that, I'd been researching further on my children's lurgies and observing their symptoms and thinking very seriously and today, just before I took the car with the dodgy brakes to the mechanic's, I collected their antibiotic prescriptions.

I also rendered lard for the first time ever earlier today. It seems like a lifetime ago and I can't even remember why I wanted to do such a thing. It was an interesting process though.

Tomorrow I am at home with the children again and hopefully as the drugs kick in we get a faster response and Brighid gets some release from the pain she has been in. I'll be keeping on with the vitamin C as I have read that it helps recovery even with antibiotics.


Sharonnz said…
Sigh...I hope the modern medicine perks things up for your family QUICKLY. You'll have to make Lardy Cakes - p292 in Bread Matters;-)
Cheers Sharon. I'm thinking of empanadas. Or pastry anything. I've got a Spanish cookbook which likes a bit of lard. I remember you didn't like your lardy cakes though?

I really miss your blog Sharon. Please will you start blogging again?

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