roosters, donkeys & antioxidants

Ahhh back to permaculture land. I ditched my work shoes for some gumboots this afternoon and went out to Raelene's to help her skin and gut four roosters. Her friend Mr M, who grew up killing chooks and delivering eggs on his bicycle 70+ years ago, killed them for us in the morning. They are in the fridge now, two silkies and two larger chooks, awaiting the stock pot and some stirfrying.

I brought the guts, skin and feathers home and buried them in the garden. I also brought home four big bags of chook house litter for the garden. Perfect timing for my preparation of the garlic beds. I will layer the chook litter on thickly, then cover it with peastraw and let it decompose until mid-winter when it is garlic planting time.

Donkeys. Raelene has a donkey. Which means Raelene has donkey poo. I seem to recall an organics magazine not long ago talking about the many merits of donkey poo. There was no room to bring some home today but later in the week I shall go collect me some donkey poo. My autumn garden nurture materials are building up nicely.

I have read a few things about antioxidants. I know they are in veges and various other foods I try to eat and provide. I also know they are in red wine, so in the interests of excellent health, I bought some tonight.


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