Sunday kitchen marathon & Carole Beaumont

Time to cook up the harvest and clear the egg tray (after discovering that Fionn had been flouting my freshest eggs to the front system). Progress:
1. marrows. Slow. I used one in my vege mix thingy and that's all. Ideas for the rest of it are to make stuffed marrow but not every day for the next fortnight and we have that much marrow.
2. beetroot. Better. Some in the vege mix thingy and some in a salad for dinner. STill more to process.
3. silverbeet. Beginning. Argentata beet, the best tasting silverbeet and without the crinkly-ness which makes silverbeet hard to get clean, also flops its huge leaves out in a wide radius and uses up a lot of garden space. I harvested one entire plant today and cooked it in the vege mix thingy and that has opened up a lot of space in the punga raised bed. Need to harvest two more plants at least.
4. eggs. Pretty good. See below.

The vege mix thingy. I cooked up leeks from the garden with garlic and silverbeet and thyme (all from my garden) in some coconut oil and with some chilli and canned tomatoes (I had a hissy fit with my tomatoes when it rained for months at the beginning and middle of the growing season and pulled them all out). I think it tastes alright. It was going to be a pasta sauce mix but then it seemed more soupy so I added some beetroot I had just roasted and some anchovies and a can of chickpeas to make full blown soup. It is in the freezer now.

Banana cake. Fionn helped. Especially with the licking of the bowl but also with measuring and pouring and greasing. Tastes good. Some in the freezer now, rest in the cupboard for the hungry short people during the week. Used three eggs.

Pikelets. Yes really, just like my mother taught me, and finally using her cast iron thingy to make them. By the rate at which they disappeared from the bench, I gather that they were good. Rest in the freezer now (they survived because the banana cake became cool enough to sample). Used two eggs.

I've still got four eggs to use up from the beginning of the day, but at least I know which ones they are.

I have cut out the paper parts of the nightshirt pattern and ironed an old double flannelette sheet from Mum's. I bought some lovely stripey sheets at the Sallies yesterday but I've put them on Brighid's bed as a stripey nightshirt has limited warm fuzzy appeal after reading The Boy with the Striped Pyjamas.

On the book front, I've got Barbara Kingsolver's Lacuna out of the library and am enjoying it so far.

On the political front, I am all for the credit reforms (responsible lending) bill. I knew nothing about Carole Beaumont until I got a CPAG email about this bill and also Paul has invited her to speak at our May Day dinner in Blackball, the day that we open the museum. I need to write some letters and convince our local MPs (we technically have Chris Auchinvole but O'Connor and Hague are always trying to be the local MPs as well so should also be prepared to at least read the letter.


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