Garden photographs

The last of the roses. The trunk of the rose bush is bare and autumnal but at the very top are these red beauties.
Today I harvested the pumpkins, weeded in in the gap they left and around the gooseberry and kale plants, and planted irises.
I hoed the garden around the new kale and mulched it with pea straw.
Lemons: this is lemon balm.
This is the lemon verbena which look about to die completely last year. Now I need to find some uses for these two herbs.
The rampant zucchini, seemingly about to colonise the entire lean-to.
The pumpkin harvest. Only one is from deliberately planted seed; the other two are evidence that pumpkin seeds do not die off in bokashi.


Nikki said…
Your kale looks nice and healthy. I'm hoping to do another lot (what I have in the garden seems to be coming to the end). I thought I killed off my lemon verbena last summer too, but it's still thriving at the end of this one. I'm really grateful for those self seeding pumpkins, I figure even by mistake/neglect we'll always have something to harvest lol. I ended up with a weird stripey one this year that I certainly didn't plant and haven't even eaten one like it!
Heather said…
Do you have lavender? I love lemon balm/lavender tea. You dry the lavender heads and then run your fingers over them against the 'grain' and little eliptical bud things fall off. Keep them in a jar, and dried lemon grass in another. Both make a nice tea on their own, but it's also nice to mix them. I put about 1/2 tsp lavender flowers and 2 lemon balm leaves in a mug that's about 1 1/2 measuring cups in capacity and leave it to stew for a bit then drink. By the time it's cool enough to drink it's about ready.

I also once made a lemon balm vinagrette for asparagus that I found on the internet. It was yum but I didn't keep it as I didn't have a lemon balm plant at the time so I didn't see the point.
body lift said…
Really awesome pictures of your gardens. Specially I like those roses which can attract anyone who see it. You have wonderful garden, just take care of it. Thanks for share these wonderful pictures of gardens.
Joe said…
Lemon verbena just smells lovely. I would keep it for that.
Christopher said…
Other things that don't die off in bokashi:

- green peppers (capsicums)
- chilli shrub seeds
- brocoli

Maybe its just my system, but I find it wonderful that wee little seeds somehow have enough life to spring forth in the compost... and you never know what's going to pop up!
nose job said…
Nice Information.. I also once made a balm for asparagus vinaigrette, which I found on the Internet. It was yum but I could not stand it that I did not plant a balm at the time, so I do not see the point. Thanks !

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