green pie and red salad

That's what we had for tea last night. I can't be cooking two nights in a row on the last week of an eleven week term so tonight's dinner came out of a parcel of paper. The green pie puffed up in the middle like the vinegar sand volcano experiments we've done with the kids.

Then it collapsed, but it still tasted good. Annabel Langbein calls it Anne's spinach tart, but I do not. The red salad was mostly beetroot, but I didn't take a photo and the recipe is mine and not Annabel Langbein's.

In other news not related to work or parenting, I collected more pieces of wood from the beach and more dead cabbage tree leaves from near the beach, all for the fire.

My latest library read is called Manage your time to reduce your stress, by Rita Emmett. I have only read selected snippets, but I think I like it. When I go to medical waiting rooms and read glossy magazines, the tips in the "15 ways to manage your home on no time" style articles piss me off no end. Prioritising my jobs doesn't magically get them done for me. Emmett says:
True time management means actually spending as much of your time as you can doing those things you want to do rather than activities you don't care about. (p.30)

Which struck me a little like a light bulb that although I often feel like I do a little bit of a lot of things and nothing much substantial at all (yes I do get that raising children is vital and valuable and I do get that I achieve good stuff at work but the sense of fragmentedness is there), actually I am doing a lot of the things I want to do, and being busy doing them is great.

I thought I was being rather clever and healthily self indulgent finally giving myself the treat of a long soak in the bath earlier in the week, but not so clever today at the chirpractor's getting him to help fix the damage I'd done to my neck. Laying in the bath. Doing nothing, by myself. I guess I need to find one of those flight pillows to support my neck muscles next time.

Tonight I opted for the indulgence of red wine instead, as I know my neck muscles are well adjusted to drinking.


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