Why yes, that is kale again

I found some blade steak in the freezer. I found the kidneys beside it but decided I now know too much about how kidneys are the detox unit for a body. This is what I did, throwing together an amalgam of ingredients from various Alison Holst slow cooker book recipes, less the ones we didn't have in stock.

Chop 2 onions and one carrot and saute in pan. Chop the blade steak and brown in pan. Scrub and thinly slice 2 agria potatoes.

Line the slow cooker with oil (I don't like the oil spray canisters so I pour some from the bottle and use the pastry brush to spread it round). Put the onions and carrot on the bottom. Then place several sprigs of thyme on top. Then layer the sliced potato around evenly. Then add the meat. Then add a can of mixed beans (pinto and borlotti and something else from memory), including the liquid from the can. Then squirt some soya sauce in. Then squirt quite a bit of tomato sauce in. Cook for quite a few hours (I think I started at 10.30am and it went on high until nearly 1pm when I turned it down to low). At 3pm I washed and chopped 2 leaves of kale and added them, mixing it all up at that stage to make sure the kale stayed moist.

I served this concoction at about 5.15 and it tasted good.

I haven't made gnocchi for a while - I wonder if I could squeeze some in there? Texturally, silverbeet would be better, and we have plenty of that as well... I tried mixing some blitzed spinach and parsley into scones for lunch and that went down okay.

I won a book! The NZ Gardener email newsletter was offering two prizes of Monty and Sarah Don's The Home Cookbook and I won one of them. It arrived unannounced this morning. I really liked Monty Don's columns when we lived in the UK and I've read some of his gardening books. This looks quite a lovely book with good recipes using traditional English cooking and ingredients, though perhaps not worth the 25 pounds the inside cover suggests it is retailing for in the UK. It is lavishly illustrated and hard bound, but I only buy cookbooks if they offer me something new or really in depth which I can't get elsewhere. I see he does have a recipe for pasta with cavolo nero in there, so I will be trying that out soon. My favourite kale is cavolo nero, but at the moment I'm trying to use up our curly kale while the cavolo nero grows bigger.


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