Two adults, two children, all home together. No school lunches, no work to rush off to, not even any rain today. We are all loving it.

Today Favourite Handyman cleaned the gutters and (though not at the same time) cooked a divine meal of fish (turbot) and chips and broccoli and kale for dinner. I ordered weeded and buried bokashi and sowed rocket seed and put black mustard and red cabbage sprouts in a jar to soak in the kitchen. The children and I went to the library and Fionn now has the reading bug good and proper and I love seeing him reading every second he can. Brighid has a broody bug and spent much of the day looking after her brother who she called her 'baby' or various dolls.

I've ordered some more seeds from Kings: more rocket, more miners lettuce, some mesclun simply red which I've never grown before, some calendula, basil for microgreens and green brocolli and red clover for sprouting. I'm toying (very lightly at this stage) with whether I could successfully make up trays of microgreens to sell at the school gala at the beginning of August. A wee tray, already sprouted, with instructions on when to harvest and how to grow the next crop yourself. So little grows in time for an early August gala in Wetville. I've decided that I am not going to do the PTA committee, but if I can think of a new idea to help them make money at the gala, I will happily contribute it. I've only grown microgreens once before, not perfectly either, so I need to get better at it before I play round with advancing the cause of microgreens in order to advance the coffers of the local primary school.

I've lost interest in knitting. Earth shattering news indeed.

At the library: Mrs Wishy Washy for Brighid, Famous Fives and Zac Power for Fionn. I chose Heart of Coal by Jenny Patrick. It's the sequel to Denniston Rose which isn't that great in my opinion but I wanted to read it anyway because it is set on the coast (and I'm hoping we can all go up to see the Denniston Incline this holidays) so the sequel might be a good holiday read. Then Bernard Schlink's Homecoming, after enjoying The Reader. Also The Herb Growers Handbook for New Zealanders because I haven't prioritised buying my own copy so I need to get this one out at least once per year, and a new to our library garden book called One Magic Square: Grow your own food on one square metre (The New Zealand edition) by Lolo Houbein.

I had Sins of the Father out last week, the story of Neville Cooper of Gloriavale's son who left the Cooperites as they were then known. I didn't get past the first few pages, I think because it is so close to here and I've seen the clever ways in which the Gloriavale leaders have manipulated our wider West Coast community to seem rather wonderful and to spread their own propaganda and reading their dirty laundry in my time off work seemed neither valuable learning nor entertainment.

There will be a new sports centre in Greymouth dedicated to the 250 men who have died on West Coast mines, it was announced today/yesterday. I don't know what I think. Or I don't know how to express it in words and sentences. I would be pleased if the announcement also included changes to mine safety systems in New Zealand and a reintroduction of the mines inspection system.


skatey katie said…
happy hols mama. i <3 the reading bug too. one of my lads read nothing but asterix and tintin for about 2 years. now he reads novels X
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