The sun shone and today was beautiful. I harvested lots of rhubarb so that there is room for things to grow around it. I killed the zucchini that would not die. I made silverbeet and cheese muffins but I did not pulverise the green down to flecks which meant that the four children (I brought in extras for added fun and joyous fun it was indeed) identified the green streaks as silverbeet and refused to eat them.

There is lots of miners lettuce growing in my herb garden, which bodes well for my winter salads.

My latest health kick thing is bee pollen, from local bees up the Coast Road. Stan in the health food shop sells it in little bags from his fridge. Tastes nice.

That's it. Too late for thinking. Just wanted to post my rhubarb picture cos a) I like it and b) I grew the rhubarb and c) it makes the kitchen look really clean which probably relates to a). I moved everything for the photo.


body lift said…
This is looking like nice fruit. You define it as a healthy fruit. I want to know that is it a juicy fruit?

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