The linseed microgreens experiment is going well...

Winter food: miners lettuce for salads, bay leaves for casseroles and sage for gnocchi and sore throat gargles.
For someone who has killed a number of lemon trees, these actual fruit are very exciting.
Banana passionfruit growing over from the neighbour's fence. While the sun shone today, I planted gladioli and daffodil bulbs and sowed 'mesclun simply red' seeds and some calendula seed.

Today the insulators came and finished the ceiling and insulated underneath the house. Tonight Favourite Handyman put the draught stopper attachment on the back door. I've even got the name of a man in his eighties who chops and delivers wood AND who knew Bill Pearson. Can't wait to order wood from him and get to have a chat.

There has been much sadness on the coast, in the big picture with the new camera footage of the Pike River miner and also as a friend farewells her husband in the saddest of circumstances. I'm conscious of today being all we have in so many ways, in the ways that matter. So today, seeing those I love and enjoying their presence, today was and is perfect.


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