What to take to bed

Finished project. One scarf, all ends sewn in and the button with the star on it (like a star bellied sneetch?) holding the ends together. Brighid's jersey is a lovely hand me down from a friend. I think her mum knitted it. The all time 300% best thing about this photograph? Brighid has colour in her cheeks and energy in her expression. Today she was hungry. Tonight after tea she was very hungry. Brilliant developments.

I've cut out my flowery curtain samples to make a skirt (Simplicity 2451 - more detail here and here). I've wound the bobbin and threaded the machine. Now I'm up to the concentrating part and I think I'll go to bed and read instead.

How to choose what to read first from this morning's library haul: The first full sentence of page 24 for each book:
1. He obviously hadn't paid proper attention.

2. "Where are you from originally"?

3. She knows she should have done the job of clearing the room out before, but there's been the cancer operation, the radiation, then the wall hanging.

4. Ann entered my life like this, only she somehow stayed a step ahead.

As this technique didn't help at all, I turned to opening sentences. The winner is Emily Perkins, Novel About My Wife, which I shall take to bed with me tonight.


applepip said…
Ooo I looked at that book plenty of times in the shop and wanted to read it. You must tell us what it is like.

So glad to hear B is getting back to wellness. Awesomely lovely picture :)
Sharonnz said…
LOVE that pic. That's LIFE right there! Thankful she's on the improve.
Sandra said…
Thanks Sharon and Pippa. The book is good so far. I'll review it when I finish.

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