kale marvellous kale

More kale. A few days ago I made a kale meal which started out as a pasta sacue and morphed into a soup with pasta in it. I can report that kale goes well with cannelini beans and pasta, but I didn't keep the recipe in my head. Yesterday I made chicken red Thai curry with kale in it and that was nice. I bought one of those packet mixes and just added carrots and kale with the chicken. Next time I will make it more from scratch myself, though probably still with bought red curry paste. Tasted good. Lunch time today was for all four of us, as asthma boy and lung infection Dad are still off school/work. I'd made chicken stock overnight and I used lots of chopped garlic, onion and ginger sauteed in olive oil and butter, then added chopped pumpkin and some red lentils and the chicken stock. Ten or so minutes before the end of cooking, I added chopped kale. Tonight, more kale. I made pumpkin/feta/rosemary/pumpkin seeds bake in the oven and then on the stove top I sauteed chopped garlic, kale and bacon over a hight heat for a minute or so and then with the lid on, over a low heat for another five minutes. Although the children turned their noses up at the pumpkin dish, they both ate the kale.

Tonight I am trying out the briquettes made of coal finings and lime and other things I forget about. Our favourite local wood merchant is making these for the first time and I am hopeful they will work for us and save us having to buy coal from July onwards, which is when I suspect we will run out of wood. Coal is warm, but filthy, and particularly bad for my asthmatic/eczema prone son.

Brighid has been invited to a four year old birthday party so today I bought some purple fabric to make a twirly skirt. As for my other unfinished projects, they remain unfinished. I'm too busy being supernurse.


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