It is very very beautiful where we live. Today, the sun shone brightly for the second time in four days.

I went to the beach all by myself, where the shape of the creek running out to sea has changed again.

Where I could look for miles and see only open space.
They have begun work on our leg of the national cycle way. I guess they will build a bridge over the creek here, giving the kids another spot to throw things from.
In a town where it rains much of the time, where winter routes to the rest of the world are difficult to traverse, where everything human-made seems tiny and closed on Sundays, the beach reminds me how lucky we are.

Today on Spectrum on National Radio, David Steemson interviewed women from the Knitter Natter group which knits for babies and children at the Kidz First Childrens Hospital in South Auckland. I hope this is the link to listen. It was good piece, partly centred around the meetup of the knitters in Wiri womens prison with the knitters 'outside'. I thought Steensom and the older knitters way overplayed the idea that knitting is about to die out though. Have a squiz through the internet, check out the events on World wide knit in public day - it's clear that death is not imminent.

I think this is beginning to look rather skirt-like. It takes ages of concentration, this sewing without elastic waists lark. I'll leave the yoke part until tomorrow now, and go read Novel About My Wife instead. If you haven't already, I recommend reading Harvestbird's latest reflection on life in Christchurch. If you think I should clean my house instead of chilling out, at 9.30pm, then you should go away.

Oh yes. Kale. I made oxtail for dinner, a la Alison Holst's slow cooker recipe with star anise, which I do recommend. I made mashed kumara and sauteed garlic and kale to go with it. I liked it. Some other people at the dining room table did too. Even the girl! I also made sushi for lunch, but I haven't yet played with squeezing kale into sushi. A friend did send me this link for making kale pasta. As in kale inside the actual pasta. The colour is wondrous.


Julie said…
I was really struck by that Spectrum story too, I love that stuff. Also thought the Death of Knitting was vastly overestimated. I know lots of people under 30 into knitting (and I haven't knitted for years and can't do anything but plain knit, so they aren't people I know through knitting!)
Muerk said…
We went to that beach yesterday and today and tried to make a little dam in the stream. Lots of fun and the boys got all their vitamin D requirements.

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