Going away

I went to Nelson for the weekend, all by myself, and had the best reunion with some long long standing friends ever, thanks to the uber-hedonist W, who threw a great 40th birthday.

I loved being away without my family. I'm going to do that more often. When I got back, they had also had a good weekend, and were chilled out and happy.

I'm not in a big blogging mood at the moment. No doubt something will get me fired up enough to launch back into political blogging, and maybe I'll finish some crafty stuff and put up photos sometime. 'Til then, go enjoy the rest of the blogosphere, or fold your washing, or read Geraldine Brooks' Year of Wonders which is my favourite book of the year so far. I got back from the pub at midnight on Friday, slept for four hours, read the entirety wonderful contents of Year of Wonders, got up and had a curry for breakfast in a direly awful shopping mall (all malls are dire in my experience) , then went birthday partying for 13 hours. Which just goes to show I've been jaded lately, but I haven't fallen into irreparable getting older lady bones demise.

Kale in tonight's pumpkin and red lentil soup. Blackcurrants in today's chocolate cake. Rained again today. Not sure if I will ever get to garden again. I guess even Noah's flood stopped eventually.


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