I surrender

On payday (and I can tell you how many hours until this is), I am ordering some coal. I had various fancy and far fetched ideas for not using coal this year, but when you only buy one truck of wood and that in April, and you have a house of sickies for a fortnight (requiring an all day fire), then wood is not enough.

I've been trialling briquettes made from coal finings, lime, sawdust and molasses for our favourite wood and coal merchants, who are doing trials this year and a commercial rollout next year. The sawdust is from the local mill and would otherwise go to landfill. The coal finings also would go to landfill. They burn hot and clean and I think they are a great product so far. I also like that they are very light, not like hauling buckets of coal or armfuls of wood inside.

Another recent local food find is goats milk ice cream from Gaalburn Cheese. It was nice. The wild meat sauce from Glass Eye Creek also has West Coast connections and is a welcome change from Heinz ketchup on sausages. Of course, you may not eat sausages with ketchup on a weekly or more frequent basis. This means, unless you are vegetarian, that you don't live with children. By all means, eat it with steak if you can. I reckon it could go with beany dishes as well for non-meat eaters. If you live in Wetville, then I can tell you that this posh sauce in a glass bottle came from Simplifoods, the one most of us still call Bin Inn. So you can go down and fill your big bag with cheap epsom salts and baking soda to save cash on flashier bath soak or cleaning products, and then come away with award winning vanilla sugar and a cheese making kit. Or wild meat sauce.


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