Notes from a temporary teetotaller

Day two of my supposed month of not drinking. I committed myself and I doubt my health will fall over immediately if I break it, but it seemed a useful experiment at 4am recently. As in 4am wide awake having drunk wine the previous evening.

The King's Speech. Mary K and I went to see it this evening and I loved it. I loved the Queen in it and when I got home I used her lovely crisp and calm voice for at least ten minutes on my children.

Tomatoes. We are growing some, green ones so far. I watered them and delateralled them and weeded around them and then I had a look at my bed of compost with a layer of peastraw on top and harvested big fat slugs and black and tan caterpillars for the chooks. I put fertiliser on the lemon tree. In contrast to other years when we have killed the lemon tree(s), this year we have tiny lemons on the tree. The seeds of phacelia which I sowed recently have germinated already.

Beetroot. My best crop ever. I do not want to make beetroot pickle or bottled beetroot or anything like that. I just want young tender beetroots for my salads available for as long as possible. These are not quite the right desires to match my twenty or so plants of beetroot ready either right now or very soon. Perhaps I should dig up a beet kvass recipe. I guess I could drink weird drinks instead of wine... Or I could make borscht.

The long purple tie continues. It might even be finished tomorrow. I also mended a t-shirt and my favourite black velvet gypsy skirt.

The absence of deep thought about anything not domestic persists. I have started going in to work to get sorted for the coming year, mostly involving filling rubbish sacks with things I do not need from last year. I think this year I need a resolution not to make so much paper waste at work.


Sharonnz said…
I wish my kids would share your resolution about wasting paper. About to battle the "learning cupboard" before our year officially starts too. You should have held off your teetotalling till next month:
miriam said…
I've been stalling on leaving a comment because I was trying to think how to say 'I'm sorry' over the Pike River Tragedy. And I never did think of anything. I'm so sorry. We haven't forgotton.
Garden looks great. I tried to read the iron article but it's too late at night. It needs the kind of attention only the morning can bring.
skatey katie said…
love the teetotalling idea. i did that last night. yay. am hoping to do it tonight too, then start 'for reals' on 1 feb for a whole month. am looking forward to rediscovering my waistline. that's my focus anyway. well, the whole febfast thing is surreptitiously my focus, but it's a bit 'big' for my head to get around just yet. love love X

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